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The Hilltop Business Association is open to business owners with an interest in growing the Hilltop area of Tacoma..

You can become a member for just $100 and a commitment to participate in the economic planning of the Hilltop. You can start today. Just send us your information to get started.

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The HBA meets every month on the last Thursday of the month. We meet at Allen AME Church, 1223 MLK Jr. Way at 8AM. Our meetings are one hour. Coffee is free.

The HBA meets monthly with other business associations around the city to discuss issues and ideas that can benefit businesses throughout the city. We also meet with Government leaders as well.


The HBA has two fundraisers a year. The first is a luncheon that features top speakers that help with business insight in the area. We are known however for our 5,000 attendee Hilltop Street Fair each Summer.

The Hilltop Business Association has been going strong in the city of Tacoma since 1995. We are a network of business owners working together to grow an emerging market in the Pacific Northwest.